Ecommerce Business 2

Starting Ecommerce Business Summarised

For a newbie in online business, starting one could be very serious hard work as you will have to sort through lots of information gotten from long and stressful hours surfing the net.

With so many steps and decisions to make on virtual almost every single issue, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the process.

The idea that you should work with is that the whole process of ecommerce is simply

  • Manufacturer = Product= Retailer= Consumer=Profit.
  • All you are doing is to get a PRODUCT from a manufacturer to the final consumer.
  • Hence the First thing is
  • Choosing your Product
  • Finding a Product

Choosing a product that will be quick to sell at a profit could be said to be a right product. This is the first step to building an ecommerce business. Often this could be a very challenging task as a newbie will just end up wondering how on end he will know a product that is right for him.

  • A simplified way of finding a right product is by following the trends.
  • Product opportunities often are found when you explore the market places and find out what is trending.
  • Evaluate your Product
  • The moment you have gotten a product idea in your mind, you need to evaluate both the market demand and the viability of the product.
  • Obtaining the Product
  • The next step is for you to make arrangement in order to have access to the product.
  • Getting your product could be by any of the following methods;
  • Making it yourself
  • From a manufacturer
  • Buying Wholesale
  • Dropshipping

Preparation before Startup

After you have located a product, evaluate its market potential and gotten a ready supplier, it is then time to prepare for the business setup itself.

Check out the Competition

In this phase of the business setup, you need to research and analysis the competition around your intended product sale.

An important method is by using keywords within the niche you found yourself. Using any very effective keywords tool will allow you know most of what you need to know for you campaign.

Business Plan

  • A business plan is essential for you to know how to arrange your ideas and carry them out.
  • Your Business Setup and Registration
  • Domain Name, Registration and Hosting
  • Getting your online business name is then next. This should be as close as possible to the keyword that answers to the niche in which your product is located.
  • You could easily search for domain name among the major sites that provide for domain names and web hosting.
  • We personally recommend using different providers for the domain name and the Web hosting.
  • Once this is done it is then high time to officially register your business.

Building your Site

This used to be an area where you could spend days just trying to understand hml or other codes necessary for web building.

Now WordPress simplifies all that.

Simply create a website in minutes using wordpress or get a paid estore from any leading player in the business.

Estore Launch

One of the easiest way to handle this is using websites like Shopify that gives you a comprehensive package as there are many vital components that need to be taken into consideration launch an estore.

Writing product descriptions that sell

Marketing Strategies to acquire customers

Configuring payment gateways


Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

All this will help you in arranging for successful sales and shipping of good to their final destination.

Don’t forget, if you run into any problems getting your store set up, you can always hire help from the Experts.

Marketing your Estore

We decided to throw more light on this as most of your success depends on how well you get potential buyers to view your products.

Email and mobile marketing are very essential tools for your estore and also your online presence in other social media platforms.

In Summary

Setting up an active and viable online ecommerce business is no small feat. Right from choosing a product and building an estore to the marketing and selling of the product it is filled with making various decisions.

There are various ways to achieving the same level of success in ecommerce business but we do advise find on e and stick to it.