Gift ideas for men you can get anywhere in the world

If you’ve read my previous posts on gifts for guys, then you know that I am not a fan of the generic “gift card.” While we love to save money, it is hard to find something unique that will truly make them smile or laugh.

That said, there are some things that I have found that are great and fun for men. If you want to give him something special but don’t want to break the bank, these are the best gift ideas for men you can get anywhere in the world.

1. The Gift Card To A Gentleman

This one is pretty simple, and while it isn’t much of an idea, it is still a good gift for any guy. If he is going to be spending time with someone other than his wife (or even if he just likes women) then this gift card is perfect. It lets them buy whatever they want without having to worry about what they spend it on.

For example, you could get him a gift card from Amazon. You can see all of their top selling items right here. You could also just gift him a credit card with no expiration date so that he can use it whenever he wants. I would recommend the Amazon gift card though because there are a ton of awesome items on that site. Just remember, if they are buying something like a TV, do NOT buy him an expensive one. It will end up being a waste of money in the end. Buy him a cheap one instead.

2. The Gift Card To His Favorite Restaurant

This is another great idea that most men enjoy. They love getting out of the house and having a nice meal with friends. This gift card is perfect for those times when he goes out with someone else who has a favorite restaurant. It doesn’t matter if its Italian, Greek, French, Mexican, you name it. Any man will really appreciate a gift card to his favorite restaurant. It gives them something to look forward to each week.

3. The Gift Card For His Newest Hobby

If your guy has recently started a new hobby, this is the gift for him. He probably hasn’t bought anything yet so a gift card to his store would be perfect. Guys who collect baseball cards, video games, cars, models, or anything else, will definitely love this gift. When he receives it, he will be so excited and proud because he knows that you think he is cool enough to own his own collection. Don’t forget to pick up something extra too!

4. The Gift Card For His Favorite Movie

Another great gift idea for a man is a gift card to his favorite movie theater. There are a lot of theaters around the country that offer free tickets with a gift card purchase. Some theaters even allow you to choose which movie you want to watch as long as you stick within the theater’s parameters. That way, he can go and watch the latest blockbuster hit without worrying about paying full price.

5. The Gift Card For His Favorite Game

I saved the very last thing for last. Most men love playing video games. Whether it is Mario Kart, Call Of Duty, Madden, NBA 2K, or whatever else, most men are huge fans of video games. One of the best gifts that you can ever give a gamer is a gift card to his favorite game. This way, he can play at home, at work, or wherever he wants without worrying about breaking the bank. Even better? He gets to keep all of his progress because he is paying with a gift card.

There you go – five of the best gift ideas for men. Now you can surprise your man with something amazing and thoughtful. Remember, while the “gift card” may seem like an easy solution, it is actually not so great for a lot of reasons. So try one of these first before you settle on a standard gift card. Give him something more meaningful and exciting instead. Happy shopping!