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Make Money With Blog

How do I come about writing about making money with blog on a starting ecommerce business website?

Simple! Most online business will definitely involve you passing certain information to a target group of people on your website products and services

How can you go about doing this?

The model of ecommerce which I will be talking about due to its relative easy and practicable approach is building an Estore with dropshipping products and then blogging about the Estore.

Search out the niche that will suit your ecommerce business Buy your domain name and Register your company Contact dropshipping wholesale suppliers online Open your Estore using any good platform Start blogging on your Estore blog Also market some related products and service on your blog as an affiliate Blog some more using related keywords

Ensure that you do carry out a detail research to discover what is in demand in any niche you are interested in.

  • This is crucial as every ideal product or services must be a solution to a problem that exist.
  • Using a keyword search tool will easily show you what questions or queries are going on online.
  • Using your selected Keywords, you should buy a domain name in line with your keywords.
  • A very good example is that of this website using my main keywords as my domain name.
  • Having gotten to this stage, you then need to contact dropshipping wholesale suppliers who will be willing to partner with you in order to sell their products on your Estore as though the products are yours.
  • You could easily get genuine wholesale suppliers from any of the dropshipping directories recommended.
  • Starting ecommerce business uses both worldwide brand and wholesale2b directories.
  • Starting up your Estore will only take a couple of minutes making use of any good ecommerce platform like Shopify, 3d Cart or BigCommerce.
  • Once all this have been achieved, it is now time to start blogging.
  • Using keywords related to your niche and web products, give out information and useful advise to the public in respect to your Estore.
  • As you blog, you should also market other products and services of websites that you have registered as their affiliate.

Do this only after you have ensured that their products and services are genuine and within your niche.

As you keep blogging on your website using ideal keywords in your niche (High traffic with low competitive webpages), you will generate organic traffic to your site easily.